Research journey: NORTH

August 6, 2021

In February 2010 Christine accompanied  artist Maria Hayes on a research trip to the Swedish and Finnish Arctic. Under investigation was the idea of North, the Aurora Borealis and stories about the creation of the universe.  The itinerary included the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko, the Swedish Institute for Space Physics in Kiruna, the Museum of the Arctic (Arkitkkum) , Rovaniemi Arts Museum, Jokkmokk Museum and K&C Dance Company in Helsinki.  Throughout the journey we had the opportunity to meet and talk to a range of scientists, artists and curators and gained valuable inspiration for a new work After Hours at the Polestar Club.

Christine continued this trip by following a lifelong line of enquiry and travelling on alone to the semi-autonomous Aaland Archipelago at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia.  In the frozen waters the seeds for a related piece of work on Journey and Memory were briefly visible. This led to a seven week Artist Residency in the Archipelago at the end of 2011, and informed a proposed performance research project, Juniper Ground.