Before…. and not After, yet. | CowGirl Parlour

May 25, 2015

Here we have the 1972 Carlight Casalette (the Rolls Royce of caravans back in the day – or so the brochures say) that is destined to be the home of the CowGirl Parlour installation in a few months time… So this is the ‘Before’ photo, and we are inching our way slowly towards an ‘After’…   The van spent the winter cocooned under covers, like a giant chrysalis.  However, when we took the covers off earlier this month it  did not emerge from its chrysalis fully metamorphosed and ready to go!  So now the work of transformation has begun, and so far it has involved lots of screwdrivers, the careful stripping away of  veneer panels and crossing our fingers that there aren’t too many unwelcome surprises lurking beneath…

Luckily we have now been joined by the lovely Becky Knight, who is Designer-maker for the project.  On her most recent visit we started to get to grips with the  design for the outside of the van.

We could have spent the afternoon making drawings or designing on screen, but in fact it was much more fun to get straight outside with paper and scissors and masking tape. And the brisk wind only made it more interesting…  Still, the “After’ photo will be a while yet.